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Commercial Vessels Using

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Commercial Vessels Using
“Cold Ironing”

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With today’s global market for world travel and the import and export of commercial products, large vessels need to dock at ports that can accommodate their power requirements while eliminating emissions that are harmful to our environment. This creates the need to convert power for the operation of their equipment to be of similar voltages and frequencies. Many states and overseas-countries are beginning to regulate the emissions from diesel engines on ocean-going vessels. As a result, “cold ironing” has come about.

“Cold Ironing” is a process by which large, commercial vessels such as cruise lines, large oil tankers, and large cargo vessels turn off their primary on-board-ship power and hock up to an auxiliary seaside-grid power when docked at port. With the latest technology of shore-port-to-ship power converters designed especially for large commercial vessels, seaside ports are able to provide large ships with the power they require for all applications such as lighting, ventilation, pumps, communication and other onboard equipment. When docked into seaside-power grids, these large vessels have absolutely no down time. With shore-port-to-ship power converters, this technology allows ships to use power that has been converted into the voltages and frequencies that are similar with their vessels. Also, this is a great advantage for the control of emissions and pollutants absorbing into our atmosphere by not having vessels run on their own power loads. It is estimated that if all commercial vessels would use “cold ironing” capabilities while docked in port, there would be a worldwide reduction in emissions by 30 per cent.

Clean shore-port-to-ship technology is available today thanks to the development of shore-port-to-ship power converters. With the use of shore-port-to-ship power converters, large ships can continue complete operation while docked at port utilizing power with the electrical voltages and frequencies compatible with their vessel. This enables large commercial vessels to travel anywhere in the world eliminating the problem of seaside power connections different from their ships. The U.S. Navy has been using shore-side power for quite some time. Now, large commercial vessels around the world are beginning to utilize shore-port-to-ship power realizing that “cold ironing” could be more cost effective and ship emissions could be reduced significantly.

Commercial vessels can also be assured of the elimination of any shutdown time during their stay at port. This is a tremendous advantage, especially for cruise ships that have to meet their patrons’ every need. Large oil and cargo ships benefit by delivering their products on time, because they don’t have to worry about engine shutdown and power conversion problems while in port. Shore-port-to-ship converters not only provide the right voltage and frequency power required by large commercial vessels, they also help in making a more emission free world!

As this method becomes global, their will also be the increase in the use of Shore-to-Port Converters. Because each port will have different frequencies and voltages, a converter becomes the economical solution. A TEMCo Shore-Port-to-Ship Power Converter is a unique frequency converter that performs multiple functions. It provides the possibility to connect to any shore power connection anywhere in the world ranging from 25 kVA to over 400 kVA. Supplying power is only half of what this converter does, it also stabilizes and offers power factor correction.

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TEMCo has many years of experience.  They manufacture and develop industrial power solutions and are dedicated to using the highest quality materials.  TEMCo has a staff of highly trained engineers that can design your equipment to meet any of your application requirements, and they provide the latest and best technology the industry has to offer.

TEMCo has had extensive experience manufacturing electrical power products since 1968.

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