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What is Shore-Line Power?
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Shore-line power refers to shutting down auxiliary engines on ships while in port and plugging into electrical power supplied at the port. This is also referred to as shore power or cold-ironing, and sometimes, alternative maritime power.

This concept has become more popular because the problems related to ship auxiliary engines are significant contributors to toxic air contaminants. Diesel PM emissions are estimated to be responsible for about 70 percent of the total ambient air toxic risk in California.

With shore-power, the ships can turn off their engines, which is where the expression cold-ironing comes from because the vessel goes cold.  By cold-ironing, the ship virtually eliminates all emissions from the ship while it is in port.  Ships can be in port or “hotelling “ for several hours to several days.

Shore-Power Cables

Photo courtesy of ESL Power Systems, Inc

Shore-power works by using a heavy extension cord cable, which extends from the pier and plugs into the ship’s receptacle allowing the ship to have power for operation of its machinery.  This allows the ship to shut down the diesel engines that run the ship’s generators.

There is a problem delivering electricity to cargo ships because the shore cable passes from the dock to the ship either by the side or by the stern. In both of these situations, the cable passes through the cargo or container handling areas and is interfering with operation such as loading and unloading of cargo. Also, there are people in these areas, which brings up the concern of adequate space and safety issues.  All ships need to be retrofitted in order to be plugged into port.  It is sometimes difficult to retrofit ships due to limited space and expense.

The difference in voltage and frequency from one port to another can be an additional problem.  This problem can be handled economically with a shore-port-to-ship power converter . These converters are used to convert frequencies, voltages and phases. The most common frequencies are 50Hz, 60Hz, or 400Hz.  Common voltages are 208, 240, 400 and 460 volts. TEMCo Shore-Port-to-Ship Power Converters also offer line isolation, harmonic cancellation and power factor correction.

Regulating ship emissions while docked is critical and timely. Regulations for shore power should be incorporated and implemented immediately. The current draft on the Shore-Side Power Rule for Ocean Going Vessels Regulations provides different timelines for shore-side power implementation.

The following reflects the percentage of ship visits that must use shore-side power:

  • 30 percent by 2010
  • 60 percent by 2012
  • 80 percent by 2014
  • 100 percent by 2016

The following is a list of health benefits if this program is implement:

  • 280 premature deaths avoided
  • 170 hospital admissions avoided
  • 8,200 respiratory impacts avoided
  • 680 bronchitis impacts avoided
  • 49,000 work loss days avoided; and 280,000 minor restricted activity days avoided

As this method becomes global, there will be an increase in the use of shore-port-to-ship power converters.  Because each port will have different frequencies and voltages, a converter become an economical solution.  A TEMCo Shore-Port-to-Ship Power Converter is a unique frequency converter that performs multiple functions. It provides the possibility to connect to any shore power connection anywhere in the world ranging from 25 kVA to over 400 kVA.  Supplying power is only half of what this converter does, it also stabilizes and offers power factor correction.

About TEMCo
TEMCo has many years of experience.  They manufacture and develop industrial power solutions and are dedicated to using the highest quality materials.  TEMCo has a staff of highly trained engineers that can design your equipment to meet any of your application requirements, and they provide the latest and best technology the industry has to offer.

TEMCo has had extensive experience manufacturing electrical power products since 1968.

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